The K9 Coach has developed an exceptional program that trains specific dogs how to be a precise effective means to protect yourself, your family and property while also being compassionate, loving family members.  The K9 Coach utilizes enhanced training methods so that you will have a well trusted pet as well as a highly trained, reliable guard dog.  The K9 Coach’s protection training methods employ real-life, real world scenarios.  This gives the dogs the best opportunity to react in the most appropriate way to any situation.  Dogs trained by the K9 coach are elite protection dogs and NOT attack dogs and thusly not to be used as such.

Rick Napolitano is highly regarded as one of the United States best K9 Protection trainers and has trained protection dogs for professional athletes, The US military, real estate developers, entertainers, police agencies, business executives and families all over the nation.

Personal Protection is a very subjective form of dog training; not all dogs, nor all breeds, are capable of doing it.  Not all dogs want to do it.  It’s important to find the right dog when considering personal protection training, and Rick can evaluate your family pet for its potential but remember that in the end, some dogs simply are not capable.  If you’re considering personal protection, call to set up a consultation/evaluation before committing to a course.

If your dog doesn’t work out as protection dog, we can help you find you the ideal dog for you situation.  If your need for a protection dog exceeds your dogs capabilities, call or email us about finding the right dog for you or your family.  The price on protection dogs varies, but don’t expect to spend under $1500.00 on a dog, more depending on the capability, and less depending on the dogs training.


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