Why a K9 Coach?

In the game of sports, a coach is involved in the direction, instruction and training of a team or his players.  It’s the coach’s job to transfer as much of his knowledge and experience to the players and to help athletes become better at the game.  The same applies to dog ownership.  Dogs are easy to train; ultimately all they want is to please their owners.  However, it’s the owners who need coaching.  They need someone to help them develop skills necessary to make their pet a better companion.  That’s exactly what the K9 Coach does.  He trains, mentors and develops your ability as a dog owner to control your dog’s behavior so you win every time.

In addition to training your dog, here’s what you’ll learn from the K9 Coach:

Behavior Modification:

Aggressive, Dominant and Fearful Dogs.

Problem Solving:

Jumping, Nipping and Mouthing.  Unruly Behavior, Begging, Stealing Food, Jumping on Furniture, Excessive Barking, Inappropriate Chewing, House Training, Digging, Bolting, Etc.

Dog Training:

Sit, Sit-Stay, Up-Sit, Down, Down-Stay, Stand, Stand-Stay, Heel, Return to Heel, Leave It, Come when called, Loose-Leash Walking, Working from a distance and more!


The K9 Coach specializes in dog training, dog obedience, and protection services, in Metro-Detroit Michigan, Tri-County Areas, Macomb, Oakland, and Wayne, extending on exception to St. Clair and Lapeer counties.

Call for details (586) 991-1DOG 

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