ABOUT RICK The K9 Coach:


Rick Napolitano was born in Regensburg, Germany, and as a child moved to the United States with his mother and US Army veteran father where his family settled in Detroit, Michigan.  His career with dog training began when he was 18 and joined the United States Army as a Scout Dog Handler with his K9 partner Baron during the vietnam war.  Rick continued his career back home training K9 security, police dogs, search and rescue (SAR) dogs, cadaver dogs, seeing eye dogs, and therapy dogs.

After working with so many dogs in highly professional positions, he eventually opened up his own dog training business in Michigan known as “Top Dog K9”.  Rick’s training school provided canine obedience & behavioral training and agility in private and group lessons, pet transportation and boarding.  Rick temporarily extended his training career out west to Las Vegas, Nevada, and the surrounding areas into and including California and Arizona as “The K9 Coach”, a highly recognized name around the valley.  In Las Vegas, Rick also started his own Schutzhund club called “Der Nevada Schutzhund Verein” and he trained dogs several days a week, and appeared on multiple radio interviews for Fox Sports 920AM called “Talking Dogs:  with Rick The K9 Coach”.  The K9 Coach is back in Metro-Detroit utilizing his over 30-years of extensive dog expertise throughout the state of Michigan.

Rick’s proud Memberships and Accreditations:

US Army Airborne 47th Scout Dog Platoon

Vietnam Dog Handler Association

United Schutzhund Club of America

The United States Police Canine Association – Region 19

Michigan Sheriff’s Association

USPCA Track Layer; & USA Track Layer

Michigan Technical Rescue Operations Team Volunteer

Expert Witness for Macomb County Court, Michigan

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