The K9 Coach provides professional personalized training in your home!: 

  • Obedience Training
  • Behavior Management
  • Puppy Workshops
  • Scent Discrimination
  • Protection Work
  • Kenneling
  • Board & Train
  • Pet Transport
  • Puppy Procurement
  • Guard Dogs
  • GSD Placement
  • Expert Dog Witness for Macomb County Courts, MI
  • & More!!!



The K9 Coach has many winning plays giving you and your dog the direction you need to succeed!

  • Obedience Training teaches control and responses to commands such as sit, stay, down, stand, come, and heel for loose-leash walking, and more! 
  • Behavior Management includes modification of aggressive, dominant and fearful Dogs, problem solving and correcting undesirable behavior such as jumping, nipping and mouthing, begging, stealing food, jumping on furniture, excessive barking, inappropriate chewing, house training, digging, bolting, Etc.
  • Special Puppy Training Workshops for new puppy beginning coaching, completed in the comfort of your own home, for home-court advantage of your puppy's natural surroundings.  Includes crate training, potty training, chewing & jumping correction, and diet tips.
  • Designed for Scent Discrimination, all dogs have a natural ability to recognize and follow scents allowing them the ability to learn to track footsteps, drugs, and explosives, making them ideal for search and rescue, or apprehension and narcotics.
  • Protection Work is an exceptional program that trains specific dogs how to be a precise effective means to protect yourself, your family and property while also being compassionate, loving family members. 
  • Kenneling and Board & Train available for your 4-legged family member to stay in the comfort of a home as it is accustomed to.  Personalized training while boarding available, returning your dog home with improvements in obedience and behavior.
  • Pet Transport handles the travel needs of your pets between the airport and home for either departures or arrivals.
  • Puppy Procurement provided to help you find the perfect dog for your specific lifestyle and needs.
  • Guard Dogs trained to utilize their natural territorial instinct to  watch, guard, supervise, and protect your business at night against unwanted intruders and criminal attacks.
  • German Shepherd Dog Placement Service to find a relocation for your registered GSD that needs a new home.
  • Expert Dog Witness for Macomb County Courts, in Michigan registered canine expert, dog bite expert and consultant. 

The K9 Coach has successful plans and techniques that will make you and your pet a winning team!

For rates, availability, and to schedule and appointment...

Please call Rick - The K9 Coach 
(586) 991-1DOG

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